Balikbayan Handicrafts


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Balikbayan Handicrafts

Balikbayan Handicrafts has been in business for the past 40 years and you will find two big stores located in Makati City and Pasay City. These stores stocks an amazing variety and assortment of quality Philippine handicrafts such as wood furniture pieces, sculptures, picture frames, jewellery boxes, home decors, cutlery, pearls and much more.


Manila one of the most exciting shopping destinations in Southeast Asia thanks to the giant malls so-called `megamalls´ where you basically will find everything your heart might desire. The malls are open seven days a week and generally the doors opens at 10 or 11. These air-conditioned malls are also a welcome escape from the tropical heat and many families and friends are regularly spending the entire days to stroll around the stores or to have a bite to eat. Many of these malls are not just for shopping, but also boasts with theatres, spas, ice-skating rinks and cinemas, making them to a huge entertainment complex. When you get tired of the malls, head over to one of the bazaars (called tiangge) or the markets that overflows with the hottest trends and some amazing bargains to bring back home. You can easily stock up on clothes, shoes and accessories without breaking your wallet but make sure to bargain and try to aim to pay about 30 to 40 percent lower than the original price. Clothes, shoes and accessories are the best deals but be aware the size of the clothes tends to be smaller in Asia.