Corregidor Island


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Corregidor Island

Corregidor is a small rocky island with a location about 48 kilometres west of Manila. Because of its strategic location, the island was defending the entrance of Manila city. Today it stands as a memorial for those fighting against the invasion of the Japanese during World War II. There are tours to this historical site with Sun Cruises.

Do & See

Manila’s colourful history has bequeathed an interesting range of attractions to keep the energetic sightseer busy for several days. There are plenty of historical sites to admire and museums where you can learn more about the city and its culture. Take a stroll along the Roxas Boulevard and witness the famous Manila sunset after exploring the UNESCO World Heritage-listed San Agustin Church and one of the oldest churches in Manila, the Manila Cathedral. And don´t forget the stunning nature the city has on offer like the beautiful Taal Volcano with a breath-taking view or take a guided tour to the a small rocky island of Corregidor. For sure, there are plenty to explore including shiny gems in a city with a bustling, sprawling and unique atmosphere. The cosmopolitan city of Manila is Asia’s best-kept secret and it is just waiting to get explored.