Menlo Castle

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Menlo Castle

Nestled in a picturesque location on the banks of the River Corrib lies the secluded Menlo Castle. Built in the 16th century, this historic castle has since been reclaimed by nature, making it a challenge to spot behind the lush green vegetation that now covers it. From 1600 to 1910, the castle was home to the Blake family, once described as the richest family in Galway. Sadly, a devastating fire broke out in 1910, claiming the lives of Lord and Lady Blake's daughter, Eleanor as well as two maids. The castle was completely destroyed, leaving only the ivy-covered walls that still stand today as a haunting reminder of the tragedy that occurred. During the summer months, the riverside walk that follows the former Galway to Clifden railway line is a popular destination for walkers and joggers. If you happen to be in the Galway area, this scenic path is definitely worth a visit.

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With a young population and a bohemian spirit, Galway's charms are best enjoyed by strolling the Old City lanes and exploring the rugged landscapes that surround it. Known for its artistic spirit, Galway is oozing with culture — from lively traditional music sessions to a calendar brimming with festivals and events, including the world-famous Galway International Arts Festival, the city never fails to captivate and inspire.