Céide Fields

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Céide Fields

Céide Fields in County Mayo is home to the oldest known stone-walled fields in the world, dating back nearly 6,000 years. The visitor centre offers an opportunity to learn about the spiritual beliefs and culture of the neolithic society which created this landscape. The fields are also worth visiting for their wild ecology — blanket bog, dramatic cliffs, and coastline are accompanied by rare mosses, sedges, lichens, and flora.

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With a young population and a bohemian spirit, Galway's charms are best enjoyed by strolling the Old City lanes and exploring the rugged landscapes that surround it. Known for its artistic spirit, Galway is oozing with culture — from lively traditional music sessions to a calendar brimming with festivals and events, including the world-famous Galway International Arts Festival, the city never fails to captivate and inspire.