Guinness & Jameson Irish Whiskey Experience Tour


Copyright: Charl Folscher/Unsplash

Guinness & Jameson Irish Whiskey Experience Tour

Dive into the history of Ireland's two most famous drinks, beer and whiskey, and enjoy tastings of both of them on this delightful guided tour. Follow your guide through the Guinness Storehouse–Dublin's most visited attraction–and the Jameson Distillery as you learn about their complex brewing and distilling processes. Then, enjoy a fine pint of Guinness and a nice glass of Jameson before finishing your tour.

Do & See

Dublin's streets are a busy mix of past and present. This city has always inspired writers, visitors, and political firebrands alike. To walk these streets is to journey through history–from the city's Viking roots by the banks of the river Liffey to its atmospheric medieval churches with their mummified remains and holy relics. The more recent architecture includes the gracious Georgian streets, as well as museums, theatres, and several parks where one can escape the hustle and bustle of city life.